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This is how you SPEND MONEY to SAVE MONEY:


Computer Scrapbook digital layout pages are the answer for anyone looking to save money, time and effort or need help when it comes to creativity.  They are the perfect addition to the busy scrapbooker's tool box.� You know that templates (digital scrapbook pages that are all ready for your photo's and journaling) save you hours and even days per scrapbook page.�

As busy parents, workers, seniors and travelers; finding the time to finish even one page is usually difficult, let alone, a whole book.

Computer digital scrapbook page templates let you be the master of your time while creating some of the most beautiful, cherished stories of your lifetime.� No mess, no complicated processes and you can start and stop when you have the time... even as little as 20 minutes. 

Stop spending more time looking for pages than you do making your pages.�

Your time is worth more than the small investment you'll make in hundreds or even thousands of quality designs on these sites.

Just think about it... even at minimum wage (and I know your time's worth more than that) in two hours of searching for so called FREE pages, you could have fully completed 4 to 6 pages (depending on organization) here.�

And in two hours... how many free pages did you locate?� How many that really fit what you were looking for?� How many more hours are you going to have to search to find the pages you need?�

Spend money to save money!

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Here's the really big questions:� If you were paying yourself, even just minimum wage... WHAT DID THOSE FREE PAGES COST YOU?EACH!� Really, add it up.� Get a paper and pencil if you need to, but really add it up!� How much time did it take you to find them and at what cost?

Do you want to spend your hours searching for pages you might be able to use or do you want to save time and money all while creating the books you and generations to come will cherish and brag about?

Imagine... are you going to be the center of attention at your next family gathering?  Or, are all those photo's and stories still going to be in a box in the closet?

If you would rather be the one accepting all the praises... then you had better get started with one of the sites below.� How many pages are you going to get done today?

Already bought digital pages one set at a time?

Worried that you'll be disappointed again?  Why?  Because at $3 to $5 per set, when you only use just 3 of the pages, in reality it cost you $1 to $1.66 per page.  You could have bought pre-printed papers at the scrapbook store for less than that.

And, at $3 per set, even if you do use them all... that's only 9 sets for $27.00. 

How much are you going pay for more than 1300 templates?

Does your current site or store offer a no questions asked money back guarantee with their digital pages like we do?

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90 days (that's a full 8 weeks) to make sure this is everything we say it is or... every penny refunded... PERIOD!

So, are you ready to:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Have a unlimited annual access to up to thousands of digital computer scrapbook pages
  • Be Risk Free!

If so, just choose your site below now and get the Membership you deserve.

Quality Custom Computer Digital Scrapbook Page Templates by PrincessCrafts.  The FIRST Digital Scrapbook membership site on the Internet.  We were first and now we're also the LARGEST!

Here's a list of our current areas you get access to:

  • ComputerScraobookTraining 101 Course - FREE Computer Scrapbook Training, Templates, Clipart and more.

  • PrincessCrafts - 8.5x11 inch Digital Templates - More than 1900 pages - Annual Membership

  • 1-Comp-Scrapbook - 12x12 inch Computer Templates - More than 1900 pages - Annual Membership

  • 1-Comp-Stationery - 8.5x11 inch Digital Stationery pages - More than 800 pages and counting

  • Baby Book Scrapbooks - 8.5x11 inch computer digital scrapbook page templates custom made for babybooks and baby's first years.  675 templates to choose from in multiple colors and themes for any event or occasion.

  • PC-ScrapbookElements - Hi-Resolution Computer Digital Scrapbook Elements Membership site.  Why pay $100s by the set when you can get them all at a fraction of that cost?

  • HolidayScrapbooks Section - Holiday Scrapbook Pages For Any Special Occasion! 75 three page sets for a total of 225 pages - 3 different color schemes for each page so you actually have access to 675 different pages - Categories for any occasion - holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, winter, spring, summer, fall... etc.

  • MORE New Categories

Pricing Information

Best of all, our new Membership system lets you control and access all your PrincessCrafts memberships with just one Account.  No more multiple user names and passwords for different accounts.

P.S.� If you're new to Computer or Digital Scrapbooking and want to find out if it's all we say it is... Get over to:

and sign up for our TOTALLY FREE Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course.� Everything you need to go from beginner to intermediate scrapbooker, literally, overnight.� We even provide the link to FREE Software to use in the course.

What do you have to lose?� Except maybe all the wasted time you spend searching the internet.

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