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PrincessCrafts Memberships 

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Get Started Today...  Have A Finished Book By Weeks End.

This is our entry level plan for those that are just learning and are just getting started with their new scrapbook hobby.  It lets you see just how easy this is and how much fun scrapbook memberships really make it.

Imagine the smiles, the "oohs" and "ahs" that come from family and friends packed in the back of the room as they fight for the best view of pages from the past.  Comments coming from the corner of the room, such as, I want a copy of that page and I've got to show this to my sister... she's going to love this! I can't believe how beautiful these pages are. 

Just knowing that they're talking about your latest scrapbook has you grinning from ear to ear.  Everyone wants to know how you found the time to create such a work of art and literature.  They're actually fighting over who gets to see it next.

This is no fantasy... this is what happens time and time again at family gatherings around the world.  Just think about it, if there was a scrapbook of your family on the table in front of you...  could you NOT open it and read every page?

If you have never experienced this for yourself... or if you're ready to be the center of attention at your next family get together;  then all you have to do is get started.

Our Single Site Memberships are just right for those of you that are just getting started or for those of you that are looking for a single theme or book story line.  Want to make a Storybook Scrapbook?

You can save a fortune with any one of these sites. 

Get Your Membership

Here's the list of our current Single Membership sites:

  • ComputerScraobookTraining 101 Course - FREE Computer Scrapbook Training, Templates, Clipart and more. We even provide you with a link to FREE software to use.  So, it really does cost you nothing but your time to get started!

  • 1-Computer-Stationery - FREE 8.5x11 inch Digital Stationery pages - Letters, E-Mails, Newsletters and even scrapbook journal pages.  So many uses... NO money to get started!

    • More than 600 pages and counting

    • More added periodically throughout the year

    • Microsoft Word, PDF and JPG formats

    • Training to teach you how to use them with most any word processor or how to create your own

    • Annual Membership = FREE

  • TwasTheNightScrapbook - Our first Storybook Scrapbook - Add your families most treasured holiday memories to the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas, A Visit From St. Nick - An instant family heirloom and you can even get it printed as a real hardbound book - Single Site Membership = $17.00

  • Digital-Scrapbooks - Not a Membership site, it's Hi-Resolution templates on CD - These files are much too big to download, these exceptionally high quality pages come direct to your door on PC compatible CDs.  See the site for full details.

Best of all, our new Membership system lets you control and access all your PrincessCrafts memberships with just one Account.  No more multiple user names and passwords for different accounts.

Get Your Membership

New PrincessCrafts Annual Membership


NEWS FLASH:  Feb 23rd, 2007.  PrincessCrafts Swallows 8 Other Sites.

Update: Ultra Cash Infusion Sale... only till Aug 4, 2009  Save even more right now!

I know you've heard that PrincessCrafts scrapbook membership has its privileges... well I'm telling you right now; this package has privileges that go WAY beyond everything you've ever seen and even extend into the future!

This new package gets you everything downloadable that we have in our Membership Sites.  And I do mean everything. 

We just combined PrincessCrafts with the following 8 sites:

  1. 1-Computer-Scrapbook - 12x12 site
  2. Scrapbook of a Lifetime - Heritage and Genealogy pages
  3. Soft Expressions (ComputerScrapbookLayouts) - Soft and colorful 8.5x11 inch scrapbook template papers
  4. PrintablePastels - 12x12 Soft and colorful computer digital scrapbook pages
  5. HolidayScraps - 8.5x11 any occasion all holiday themed digital computer scrapbook pages
  6. BabyScraps - 8.5x11 (and soon 12x12 too) Baby book scrapbook themed custom baby book digital scrapbook downloads
  7. PC-ScrapbookElements - Hi-Res digital computer scrapbook elements and embellishments.
  8. TwasTheNightScrapbook - Our first in a series of Storybook scrapbooks - Add your families most cherished Christmas memories to the story of the Night Before Christmas - A Visit From St. Nick - Also available as a single site.

I can say it includes everything, because unlike any other membership on the planet, we are even including any new sections (sites we create or buy up) we add each year at no additional cost. 

As long as your membership is active, you get unlimited access and unlimited downloads of everything we have and everything we add...

Sites like the new "Twas The Night Before Christmas" that's just opened in July 2006 (5 FORMATS - 5 New AREAS).  Both in 8.5x11 inch and 12x12 inch scrapbook sizes.  For the digital presenters... this one even offering a Landscape format!

Sites like the new Baby Book Scrapbook site section that opened in September of 2006.

Sites like the new Holiday Scrapbooks site section that just opened in November of 2006.

So, if you're the computer/digital scrapbooker or even hand scrapper  that just has to have everything that we have, but don't want to pay anywhere close to full price for it all... WoW!  Did you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here.

As of this writing, here's all you get:

  • PrincessCrafts - 8.5x11 inch Digital Templates Section - Just add your photo's and some journaling and in nothing flat... you have your scrapbook custom designed and done. 

    • More than 1900 pages a year

      • 1300+ pages at any given time

      • At least 50 new scrapbook pages each month

    • Lots of categories and matched sets

    • Something for any occasion

    • 12x12 inch Section - Computer Templates, our large format part of PrincessCrafts

      • More than 1900 square format pages

        • 1300+ pages at any given time

        • At least 50 new scrapbook pages each month

      • 12x12, 8x8 or 6x6... you decide

      • Lots of categories and matched sets

      • Something for any occasion

    • Scrapbook of a Lifetime Section - 8.5x11 inch Heritage/Genealogy Templates - A lifetime of stories to tell

    • Soft Expressions Section - 8.5x11 inch Soft Colorful Digital Scrap pages - A lifetime of memories to cherish

    • Printable Pastels Section - The 12x12 inch partner to Soft Expressions ( - Soft Colorful pages in the large 12x12 layout format.

    • PC-Scrapbook Elements Section - Hi-Resolution Computer Digital Scrapbook Elements Membership site - Soon to be 1000s of elements and embellishments with lots more added every month.

    • BabyScraps Section - The Custom Baby Book you've always wanted - Hundreds of quick build pages that make creating the perfect baby book scrapbook an easy task - Start on Saturday, be finished on Sunday... it's that easy

    • HolidayScrapbooks Section - Holiday Scrapbook Pages For Any Special Occasion! 75 three page sets for a total of 225 pages - 3 different color schemes for each page so you actually have access to 675 different pages - Categories for any occasion - holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, winter, spring, summer, fall... etc.

    • Bonuses Listed Below too!  So, there's even more...

    • All of the above, plus FREE access to the TwasTheNight Scrapbook members area...  all for just $97.00 $57.00. 

Plus bonuses that include Members Clipart area and Word/Phrase theme templates members only areas.

Right now it's a full $241.00 Value.  Get it now for the unheard of low price of just:

PrincessCrafts Annual all sites access = $97.00 $57.00 on sale

PrincessCrafts Membership $57.00

Get it now and Save $164.00 right now that we have off the full price if you bought all the sites separately.  Save more than $1000.00 if you bought the sets one set at a time

Payment Option is now available for our PrincessCrafts Annual Membership. 

It's a great lifetime (never goes up as long as you keep it current) value for just $9.00 $5.00 a month.  That's a steal in any book.  (Skip lunch at the fast food restaurant just once each month and it's paid for) 

Best of all, as long as you keep your membership current... the payment price never goes up... even as we acquire new sites and raise our prices!

FULL Refunds within the first 8 weeks - Nothing to lose!

If you are one of our many clients that has wanted it all, but couldn't afford it all up front... now's your chance.  Best of all, you'll always know that you have all that we offer. And you'll know you always have what you need, anytime you need it.

PrincessCrafts Payment Option

Annual Membership Sites Bonuses


Everyone gets our Members Only Clipart Area: $17.00 Value

PrincessCrafts Platinum Bonuses - All of the above, plus:

Limited Time: Get full access to the PrincessCrafts PhotoShop Secrets Updated eBook: $17.00 Value

The EZ Scrapbooking Guide: $17.97 Value

Members Only Word/Phrases Theme Templates Area: $17.00 Value

FREE Membership to  A $17.00 savings.

That's a total Bonus Value of $75.97... what are you waiting for?????

PrincessCrafts Payment Option

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